Dancing at the castle and street parade

This year also we will dance under the arcades of the castle which are a part of the former promenade of the gentry. While dancing to some awesome live jazz music, we will admire a unique view of Maribor.

Today, Maribor castle is composed of two parts, the administrative court of the sovereign prince, built between 1478 and 1481, and the North-eastern corner of the city’s defence system (the castle’s bastion and the lodge). The municipality of Maribor bought the castle in 1933. It was in 1938, when the Maribor Regional Museum moved its collections in.

Maribor castle is important historical building with a unique story to tell. Be part of the amazing dancing and live music experience at this venue!

Castle dancing will be happening on Thursday afternoon, May 16th 2019, between 4PM and 6PM.