Jill De Muelenaere


Jill started dancing when she was a child. She is trained in classical ballet, modern jazz and jazz dance, contemporary dance and yoga. She has been teaching these different disciplines for the past years, now sharing her time between her passion for dancing, her work as a contemporary dance producer, a massage therapist and a yoga instructor. She discovered lindy hop while at University and since then has been performing, teaching and attending numerous workshops around the world.

Specifically inspired by the authentic vernacular dancing showed in old movies and the african roots of the dance, Jill is ceaselessly in search for a sense of freedom within the dance. In class her goal is to create a joyful yet challenging and encouraging experience for everyone allowing each dancer to develop their own individuality in their dancing.


Doesn't break a sweat at any tempo

Favourite move

A swing out with some nice swivels

Drink of choice

A spicy gingery cocktail