Dancing on a raft on river Drava

Have you ever made a swingout on the river?

Join us on the wooden raft on river Drava and explore with us the old tradition of rafting. A rafter used to be a very valued profession in this part of Slovenia.

But dancing while rafting became a tradition of our festival. And yes, there will be some awesome live music provided and of course snacks and drinks on board. You don't wanna miss this! There will also be speedboat rides around the raft and down the river for those of you looking for and even better experience!

What more could we ask for?? Maybe just for some nice warm weather! That's it!

If you still can not decide weather join us or not, dont hesitate to check the video below!

See you soon!

Rafting will happen on Friday afternoon, at 12 o'clock, May 17th 2019. Registrations open on Tuesday, May 7th at 19.00 CET.

River raft dance registration


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