Christian Frommelt


Christian Frommelt is a swing dancer and musician from St. Louis, Missouri. As a teacher, organizer, and social dancer, Christian has dedicated his life to bringing people together through music and dancing. His unique style blends an emphasis on traditional swing movement and a highly personal character. In addition to his renown as a lindy hop and solo jazz dancer, Christian is the foremost aficionado of St. Louis Shag, which he learned in his hometown from original jitterbugs. Some of Christian’s proudest accomplishments include winning the final two Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Battles in New Orleans, Louisiana and placing several years for choreography at the International Lindy Hop Championships with partner Jenny Shirar. Christian is the co-organizer of the newnowned Nevermore Jazz Ball & St. Louis Swing Dance Festival, and plays piano in area jazz bands.


Piano Whisperer

Favourite move

Three walls!

Drink of choice

Stag beer