Abeth Farag


Abeth started dancing Lindy Hop over 13 years ago in San Francisco with Paul Overton and Sharon Ashe. She transplanted from California to Portugal in 2003.  After four years living in a country with no swing dancing, she decided that it was time to pass on this rhythmical joyful dance to the Portuguese. Starting with a small group in Porto, the scene slowly started to grow and Abeth started teaching in Lisbon as well. She founded Lindy Hop Portugal and then went on to open her own dance school and production company, Swing Station in 2012.

In partner dancing she believes that first and foremost we're dancers and secondly we're leads and follows.  Dancing to the music and communicating with each other is what makes swing dancing so special.  It's important that each person finds their own voice and style within the context of the dance, learning to share that with others, because each one has something unique to bring to the dance.

Abeth is a teacher with contagious energy, keen that her students learn important concepts to develop their own dancing and push themselves beyond their comfort zone, but with a good dose of fun and laughter in the middle.  After all, shouldn't dancing be fun?


SFX while teaching

Favourite move

Outside turn/texas tommy

Drink of choice

Anything with ginger (even whiskey)